How soon can I have a plot?
Currently our waiting list is closed due to recent high demand and no plots will be available in the foreseeable future.

Does it cost a lot to rent an allotment?
Our largest size plots are 10 poles in area and the current cost to rent one that size, including water charges is £89.10 per year.

How much work is involved with having an allotment?
As much or as little as you want to put into it really. Do remember though that you need to keep the allotment cultivated and grass paths maintained to a reasonable standard to comply with your tenancy agreement.
In reality some members spend a few hours a week whilst others are pottering around most days.

If I don’t keep on top of the work will I be allowed to keep my allotment?
The society are always aware that sometimes things happen in life which make maintaining an allotment difficult. You wouldn’t just be told to leave but we would discuss the situation and try to achieve a suitable outcome. Of course if you did insufficient work on it you would be required to leave so someone else could benefit from having an allotment.

Are children and dogs allowed on the site?
Yes but only on the condition that children are lsupervised by a responsible adult and dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Wandering onto other members plots and grass paths is not allowed.

So how do I get one?
Email our lettings officer at (No plots available for foreseeable future and waiting list currently closed)